Silex i18n Routing

Making Silex application multilingual is pretty easy with Symfony Translation component. But translating URLs can be the tricky part. Here is a short instruction how to make routes translatable.

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Using Zend Validator with Symfony

Zend Framework comes with a nice set of validation classes. Symfony provides nice validator component as well, but lacks some validators Zend already have like credit card, post code, hostname, iban…

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Use Poedit to Extract Translations from Twig Templates

By default, Poedit does not have the ability to parse Twig templates. In Twig documenation there is a simple example which shows how to extract translations. This can work with few modifications, but I wanted to make reusable tool which will allow you to parse Twig templates just like you do with plain PHP templates.

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List of All Countries in All Languages and All Data Formats

The scenario is simple – I need a list of all countries. This is the task that need to be solved in majority of applications. So I sit down and tried to find a good solution for this problem. No matter which programming language or data format you use in your application or language you speak, this country list will suit your needs.

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Create Kick-ass Website in no Time with Silex

We are constantly looking for ways to do things better with a minimum of effort. That moves the technology forward, that’s why new programming languages and frameworks are written.

Last week I needed a small website. I wanted it to be quick and dirty. Well, blazing fast and not so dirty. I heard best about Silex, so I gave it a shot. It was more then good experience. It worked like a charm, it was fun to use and site was completed in one day.

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Automated Web Page Screenshots

Many websites, usually link aggregators, web directories, social bookmark websites…have nice web page thumbnails for each link. Let’s see how to take web page screenshot with very simple script.

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Eclipse vs NetBeans for PHP Development

I was happy Eclipse fanboy for quite a long time, and I can say that I still am. I like to try out new things, but this IDE was doing perfect job and I stick to it for PHP development. But few months ago I have tried NetBeans 7.0, and boy, after few hours it felt like home. At the end of the day, with all respect to Eclipse, I decided to switch.

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Nautilus “Open in Remote Terminal”

Nautilus is the official file manager for the Gnome desktop. I use it for browsing local file system as well as SFTP servers.

One cool feature I was missing when I started using this file manager was ability to open current directory in terminal, no matter if I am in local file system or remote server. After some googling I find out that there is nautilus plugin nautilus-open-terminal which allows you to open terminal in current folder via right click context menu. This plugin works perfect in local file system, but for some reason, it crashes for remote sessions. If it fails for you as well, keep reading…

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SOAP Server and Test Client with Zend_Soap, Symfony2, Doctrine2 and PostgreSQL

This is a story about the short project where interesting set of tools is used and many problems solved, so I wanted to share it. It is a SOAP server where each service can be tested from simple test client web interface.

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Eclipse Code Templates and Snippets for PHP

I know many of us have struggled with coding PHP using various text editors and IDE-s. Sooner or later, we pick our favourite weapon of choice and use it for every day development. My weapon of choice is Eclipse PDT (Helios) and today I will talk about code templates.

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